Why risk human safety while cleaning in confined spaces? Our proven robotic technology is safer, more reliable and more efficient.

Our line of robotic cleaning tools, Industrobots, is designed for hazardous (and potentially hazardous) environments — and for confined spaces, where manned crews aren’t practical or possible.


  • Clean large areas with less downtime than manned crews
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Remove the most resilient of waste materials
  • Offer improved safety
  • Reduce liability and insurance costs

Ecoserv’s “Fit for Purpose” engineering approach is constantly meeting customer demands. With a variety of robots and attachments, we are setting the pace by resolving industry problems quickly and applying technology in novel ways.

We are committed to safety, environmental stewardship and innovation. And we’re continually developing new applications for our robotic and automated cleaning systems that are ideal for the downstream industry. 

Applications include, but are not limited to:

  • above-ground storage tank cleaning
  • ditches
  • sumps
  • sewers
  • separators and other vessels
  • cooling tower basins
  • excavation under pipe racks or other equipment
  • automated vacuum or roll-off box cleaning systems

Check out the H5 Industrobot Case Study and our Safety Record to see how Ecoserv's trend setting technology advancements can eliminate safety hazards and reduce job costs. 

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Safety is a top priority for everyone on the Ecoserv team. Every employee has the authority to stop work if they become aware of potentially unsafe conditions. This authority can be exercised freely, to help reduce risks and incidents. Read more >


We offer turnkey, integrated solutions to manage the complete life cycle of waste produced in offshore drilling, industrial downstream, upstream production, and marine dockside industries. Ecoserv offers traditional, robotic and automated cleaning to handle every job safely and efficiently. Read more >