Non-hazardous oilfield waste disposal (NOW)

The Highest Degree of Efficiency, Safety, and Effective Technology

Ecoserv™ pioneered the patented, low-pressure injection disposal technology process, to dispose of non-hazardous industrial waste. This process injects waste into subsurface formations with isolation far below groundwater zones. The near-surface disposal methods, used by other companies, put NOW into landfills or land farms where any failure and leakage could potentially contaminate drinking water. Ecoserv™’s technology keeps drinking water reservoirs free from any risk of exposure — another way Ecoserv™ takes science beyond compliance.


Benefits of Using Ecoserv™ NOW Technology:
  • Reduced exposure to open environmental contamination
  • Reduced risk of legacy liability
  • Reduced risk of contamination of air & ground water
  • Does not render land useless for future use
  • Preferred method of major operators