Our Company

We're green for a reason - because we believe that a sustainable business model makes for a better world. That's why Ecoserv uses science to go beyond compliance.

  • We've consolidated the multi-step, multi-contact process required to clean, transport and dispose of waste.

  • We've developed patented disposal technologies and robotic cleaning to improve safety for the environment and for workers. 

  • We're eager to help you safely reduce downtime.  We offer specialized cleaning equipment, regulatory maintenance programs, and quality - assured equipment packages to ensure prompt turnaround on jobs and help to increase your overall profitability. 

We offer the most reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly services available.  And we're ready to serve you.

What makes us different?

Ecoserv's patented low-pressure, deep well injection process, is the safest, most effective way to reduce environmental impact while minimizing your future liability.

Deep well injection is the regulatory method of choice.  We inject waste into geologic formations at depths far below fresh water zones and at low enough pressures to completely isolate the injection zone from any underground source of drinking water or the surface.  And, unlike near-surface disposal practices such as landfills and landforms, deep well injection enables the land surface to be used again in the future. 

Ecoserv’s injection wells are completely lined with steel casings — from the ground surface to far below all underground sources of drinking water — which allows wastes to be safely deposited in confined formations that are isolated by overlying confining strata. Our low injection pressures assure the integrity of these confining strata for the lifetime of the injection well.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes Ecoserv's methods as the preferred waste management option when compared to near-surface disposal/storage methods. Read more on our waste management process